Welcome to the Thermo-Dynamics Family

Thermo-Dynamics Boiler Company has been manufacturing heating equipment since 1983 in Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania.

The plant is a modern 88,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Automation and the use of computerized equipment give Thermo-Dynamics the ability to produce 22,000 units a year on one work shift. Due to the efficiency and capacity of the plant, Thermo-Dynamics also has produced boilers for several other steel boilers manufacturers.

Thermo-Dynamics is an “ASME code shop”. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers sets guidelines for construction and testing of all boilers to maintain the quality of construction and overall safety of units produced. Not only does ASME periodically inspect the manufacturing guidelines, but also, an inspector from an independent insurance company commissioned by ‘The National Board’ visually inspects each boiler on line as it undergoes hydrostatic pressure tests, as well as monitoring total production quality.

Following are some of the many reasons Thermo-Dynamics has been a leader in the steel boiler market for so many years:

  • Thermo-Dynamics is a leader in the boiler market with such built-in features as: extended flange coil with replaceable carriage bolts; welded fittings that extend beyond the jacket; and built-in “air scoop” for quiet hydronic operation.
  • All Thermo-Dynamics boilers are equipped with an “Installer/ Serviceman” label in addition to the standard rating label. This label is a permanent reference for future service technicians.
  • Thermo-Dynamics boilers all have excellent boiler water content. Domestic coils are placed in the top of the boiler for greater efficiency. The one-piece boiler construction insures good water circulation without the use of push nipples or O-rings to leak.
  • Thermo-Dynamics offers an exceptional Lifetime Limited Warranty.

  • Thermo-Dynamics manufactures boilers with efficiencies from 83% to 87% AFUE.
  • Thermo-Dynamics offers a broad range of oil boilers: vertical tube dry-base, horizontal tube wet-base, zero clearance wet-leg, low-mass, direct vent, electrical, and swimming pool heaters in addition to gas applications.

  • Thermo-Dynamics boilers are easy to clean and service, increasing the life and maintaining their efficiency.
  • Thermo-Dynamics purchases American-made steel. Each boiler can be traced back to the individual flat steel plates to verify chemical and physical properties of the steel.
  • Thermo-Dynamics offers several models of forced draft, pressure fired boilers utilizing state-of-the-art burner technology. The forced draft design allows proper combustion despite poor chimney draft conditions. The forced draft-pressure firing design seals combustion gases and odors inside the boiler and venting system, thereby reducing the chance of costly ‘puff-back’ problems.
  • Thermo Dynamics has been the Leader in Pioneering SIDEWALL DIRECT VENTING without the use of power ventors.