ERGOMAX – Indirect Hot Water Heater

The only unit that can heat domestic water, buffer boilers, heat your house (baseboard, radiators and radiant) and do it all at the same time.

An ideal unit for use with boilers, solar and geothermal to heat water for domestic use.  ERGOMAX is a heat exchanger which uses thermal storage and turbulence to heat water instantaneously on demand.

ERGOMAX can be connected to any source of heat such as boilers (gas, oil, electric), solar, geothermal.

ERGOMAX is the only unit that can heat domestic water, be used for space heating (baseboard and radiant), buffer boilers to eliminate short cycling (saving fuel) and do all these functions at the same time.

Standard Features

  • 99% Heat Transfer efficiency saves energy

  • Double- Wall Exempt

  • Output up to 1800 gph

  • Output Temperature up to 190 degrees F

  • Instantaneous – No “Recovery” Needed

  • Prevents Bacterial Growth

  • Buffers Low-Mass High Performance Boilers

  • Fits Through Doorways and in Elevators

  • Requires No Maintenance

  • Lowest Lifetime Operating Costs

  • Transferable Lifetime Residential Warranty

  • Industry’s Best Commercial Warranty

  • Made in the USA



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ERGOMAX Warranty

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