Over the last several years, the LM-Series and HT-Series were introduced. Both series of boilers have been shipped with “Blended Firing Rates”. Blended firing rates indicate that the same identical unit has been IBR tested and rated at several firing rates.

Due to the positive reaction in the field, as well as many field requests, we are pleased to include this feature on both CWL 85/100/110 and S 125/135/150 Series of boilers.

The CWL crate will be stenciled:
CWL 85/100/110 Pkg. W/55 Coil
W/ .85 nozzle installed
2 – extra nozzles and burner heads will
be shipped attached to the burner

The S-Series crate will be stenciled:
S 125/135/150 Pkg. W ? Coil
W/1.25 nozzle installed
2 – extra nozzles will be shipped
attached to burner

The units are already supplied with both a “Matrix” typed Rating and Serviceman’s decal listing the appropriate data for all three (3) firing rates.

This feature has benefits both to the dealer as well as the Distributor. It allows the dealer more flexibility of application. The distributor can reduce inventory by getting three different firing rates while stocking only one boiler.