Gas Boiler Series

This series offers the quietness of atmospheric combustion yet boasts of AFUE ratings of 84.5% without a vent damper or draft hood and is of a non-condensing design. Conversion from Natural Gas to L.P. is “Super Simple”. Both gases operate at 3″ WC manifold pressure, therefore only an orifice change is required.

LMD Series Direct Vent-Oil

In response to various field requests, the LMD Series is now available with both the Riello BF-5 and Carlin EZ-1 oil burner.


The LMD-Series is equipped with an L4006-E auxiliary or redundant high limit control with a manual re-set to be in compliance to the U/L726 Standard. We have had reports where the entire system was shut down due to some persons setting this control lower than the L8148-A Aquastat. The L4006-E is set at its Maximum setting. Remember, it is a “back-up” control. Lower settings can lock up the system, requiring “Manual Re-set.” To prevent this potential problem we have begun putting a label on the L4006-E cover, preventing visibility of the settings. The label states “This auxiliary Hi-Limit control must be set at maximum setting.

LM/LMD Series – Thermostatic Valve

A thermostatic bypass is required on large water volume systems systems or systems containing free standing cast iron radiators. Failure to install a properly operating bypass loop or thermostatic valve will cause excessive condensation in the boiler. This will cause scale formation in the boiler tubes and premature failure of the boiler due to corrosion.


In October, we began using a SEM Solid State igniter system in lieu of a transformer on units equipped with a Beckett AFG burner. This state of the art electronic transformer brings oil burner ignition into 21st Century. Some areas of the country occasionally experience primary safety circuit “lock-out” due to low voltage or voltage fluctuations. The SEM electronic transformer not only delivers 14,000 volts as opposed to the 10,000 volts of conventional transformers, but will continue to produce a 14,000 volt output anywhere within the range of 92 to 120 volts variation.

Flue collector and burner attachment

Service personnel have perceived brass nuts to be superior to the Tinnerman nuts we presently use. We have begun phasing in BRASS nuts for both the flue collectors and burner flanges.