The VTF-Series and S-Series of boilers now feature a built-in “AIR SCOOP” to provide for a quiet, trouble free hot water heating system. This built-in feature simplifies piping and reduces costs of the air removal system by eliminating the need of a separate air scoop or air purging device.


The 1-1/4′ Riser/Supply line tapping in the top of the boiler extends approximately 1″ below the top or waterline of the boiler, this allowing only air-free water to enter the supply to the heating system. The air trapped in the top of the boiler is then purged through a 3/4″ vent tapping to be released with an (1) Automatic Float Vent or (2) Piped to a Conventional Expansion Tank.

Even after the initial venting and purging of air from a system, more air will be released from the water as it is heated and circulated. The built-in “Air Scoop” will continue the purging process until all air has been eliminated from the system.

Even with this system, recognized and established plumbing and heating procedures would still apply. The installation of a float vent or key vent on each return at the elbow which drops to the circulator would apply.