Thermo-Dynamics Boiler Company is pleased to announce its new, improved coil design.

The new coil design can easily be distinguished by its completely round coil plate. The round coil place includes tappings for both the altitude gauge and aquastat wall. (See Figure 1.) Coil wraps have not changed.

In conjunction with the new coil plate, we have redesigned the extended coil flange for accessibility. (See Figures 2 and 3.) Weld studs have been replaced by ribbed neck carriage bolts, thus eliminating the problem encountered when a weld stud is broken-off during servicing. Most important, the larger coil plate diameter has allowed us to increase the actual gasket sealing area by more the 300%! This improvement will make Thermo-Dynamics products more trouble-free than ever.

We are urging our customers who have purchased “knock-down” boilers to be sure they rotate their stock since the coil openings in previous jackets will not accommodate the new, larger coil plate. Also- when ordering replacement coils or gaskets, please specify “TDR” for the new-style round coil or gasket.

We are confident these product enhancements will prove a definite “plus” in both sales and service.

As always, we appreciate and thank you for your continued patronage.